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Dec 9 - Dec 16
Fri 12/9
2:50   Sully
4:50   Moonlight
7:15   The Eagle Huntress
9:10   The Love Witch
Sat 12/10
1:00   The Eagle Huntress
2:50   Sully
4:50   Moonlight
7:15   The Eagle Huntress
9:10   The Love Witch
Sun 12/11
1:15   Moonlight
3:30   The Eagle Huntress
6:00   Filmily Fest
Mon 12/12
4:00   Moonlight
6:15   The Eagle Huntress
8:00   The Love Witch
Tue 12/13
3:10   Moonlight
5:20   The Eagle Huntress
7:15   Saint Peters & the Papal Basilicas of Rome
Wed 12/14
3:15   The Eagle Huntress
5:00   Moonlight
7:15   Cameraperson
Thu 12/15
4:10   The Eagle Huntress
6:00   Moonlight
8:10   The Love Witch

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Produced by Zenith Haas as part of her senior thesis on the film industry at Christopher Newport University.

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From Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood (American Sniper, Million Dollar Baby) comes the biographical drama Sully, starring Oscar winner Tom Hanks (Bridge of Spies, Forrest Gump) as airline pilot Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. On January 15, 2009, the world witnessed the “Miracle on the Hudson” when Captain Sully glided his disabled plane onto the frigid waters of the Hudson River, saving the lives of all 155 aboard. However, even as Sully was being heralded by the public and the media for his unprecedented feat of aviation skill, an investigation was unfolding that threatened to destroy his reputation and his career. Sully also stars Aaron Eckhart as Sully’s co-pilot Jeff Skiles, and Laura Linney as his wife, Lorraine. (PG13, 96 mins)

"A fierce, stark, haunted drama of horror narrowly avoided."
- Richard Brody, New Yorker

"Efficient and effective in Eastwood's experienced hands, 'Sully' has interwoven a crisp and electric retelling of the story of the landing we know with a story we do not ..." - Kenneth Turan, LA Times

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On more Top Ten lists than any other film this year, and championed by audiences and critics alike, Moonlight is the tender, heartbreaking story of Chiron, a young man who struggles to find himself, as told across three defining chapters in his life as he experiences the ecstasy, pain, and beauty of falling in love, while grappling with his own sexuality. Filmmaker Barry Jenkins has won rave reviews for his adaptation of the play 'In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue'. (110 mins)

"Jenkins burrows deep into his characters' pain-seared memories, creating ferociously restrained performances and confrontational yet tender images that seem wrenched from his very core." - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

"A socially conscious work of art as essential as it is insightful." - Peter Debruge, Variety

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The Eagle Huntress
 The Eagle Huntress
Set against the breathtaking expanse of the Mongolian steppe, this stunning documentary creates the dramatic force of an epic narrative film. It follows the 13-year-old Aisholpan as she trains to become the first female eagle hunter in twelve generations of her Kazakh family. While many old Kazakh eagle hunters vehemently reject the idea of any female taking part in their ancient tradition, Aisholpan’s father supports her determination. The Eagle Huntress details the trials of the young girl’s journey as she trains as an eagle hunter, takes part in her first hunt, and attempts to rise to the pinnacle of a tradition that has been handed down from father to son for centuries. Fully subtitled. (87 mins)

"Along with Aisholpan’s enduring spirit, The Eagle Huntress excels in portraying the beauty and respect the people here have for both the animals and environment."
– Jordan Raup, The Film Stage

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The Love Witch
 The Love Witch
Elaine, a beautiful young witch, is determined to find a man to love her. In her gothic Victorian apartment she makes spells and potions, and then picks up men and seduces them. However her spells work too well, and she ends up with a string of hapless victims. When she finally meets the man of her dreams, her desperation to be loved will drive her to the brink of insanity and murder. With a visual style that pays tribute to Technicolor thrillers of the '60s, The Love Witch explores female fantasy and the repercussions of pathological narcissism. (120 mins)

"Destined to be a cult classic, this sophomore effort by Anna Biller (Viva) is a heady throwback to the American and European sexploitation horror films of the late '60s and early '70s. Shot in glorious 35mm and featuring a vibrant color palette that makes Technicolor seem like sepia, The Love Witch is an expertly executed homage that works brilliantly on its own original terms." - Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

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Filmily Fest
 Filmily Fest
Short for Film Family, this festival seeks to unite the Hampton Roads film industry by creating a film festival that is about collaboration not competition. Teams are provided with six still photos with each photo belonging to a category; tone, character, relationship, the unexpected, obstacle and visual element. These categories are key elements that make a good story. How the story is presented in the film is up to the artist. Teams have one week to write their script, two weeks to shoot and edit their film and one additional week for a Director's Cut version. Teams receive feedback on their script and edit by their peers on how to make their film better. Participating filmmakers judge each film and choose the best film.

Come and show your support of local film and arts and vote for the audience favorite! Ynot Italian will be selling pizza for $2 a slice and O'Connor Brewing Co. will be selling beverages that will benefit Tidewater Arts Outreach.

Doors open at 6 p.m. Awards ceremony to immediately follow the screening.

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Saint Peter`s & the Papal Basilicas of Rome
 Saint Peter`s & the Papal Basilicas of Rome
Tuesday, Dec 13 at 7:15pm – Exhibition On Screen

Presented with Chrysler Museum

This unique film combines history, spirituality, architecture and art. It takes its cue from the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis to take place in 2016. It has brought the faithful from all over the world into Rome to view the interiors of the Papal Basilicas. This beautiful film is the ideal opportunity to tell the story using a visionary language that will emotionally involve audiences witnessing the magnificent artwork that lies inside St Peter’s and the four Basilicas. (95 mins)

Introduction by: Rosa Motta, Ph.D. is on faculty at Christopher Newport University where she teaches Italian language, Art History, and Archeology.

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Wednesday, Dec 14 at 7:15pm – 'New Non-Fiction Film'

Cinematographer Kirsten Johnson calls her new film a memoir, an autobiography, an ethical inquiry, and a theory of documentary filmmaking. It’s a manifesto of sorts that asserts the importance of the camera as a person. It’s a tapestry of footage collected over her twenty-five-year career. Johnson explores the relationships between image makers and their subjects and the complex interaction of unfiltered reality and crafted narrative The result is a surprisingly heartfelt glimpse into one filmmaker’s personal journey and a thoughtful examination of what it means to train a camera on the world. (102 mins)

Post-film discussion facilitated by filmmaker Roger Richards. He is a photojournalist and filmmaker based in Norfolk who will speak about documentary filmmaking and has just completed his new film, Sarajevo Rose.

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