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Enlightened Cinema presents a new A.R.E. Saturday night film seminar series

Gnosticism, Mysticism, Heresies, and the Divine Feminine

Abraham heard a voice, and from that ancient call emerged Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The DaVinci Code has brought issues to light long suppressed by the Orthodox Church. Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene lovers? Are secret societies sinister and benign controlling our destinies? What does it mean that harlots and fallen women from Eve to Mary Magdalene are given key roles in the Bible story?

Two thousand years ago, we lived in a world of gods and goddesses. Today, we live in a world solely of gods. Women in most cultures have been stripped of their spiritual power. How would the world be different if the primary image of the Christian faith were not a naked man dying on a cross but a naked woman giving birth? What if Mary, not Jesus, said “this is my body, this is my blood?” The questions are compelling.

How do the newly discovered Gospel of Judas and other Gnostic texts impact the understanding of Jesus? Goddess energy, divine marriage, sacred sex, global conspiracies, and earth based Marian religions are all grist for our mill. The secrets of the Holy Grail and the greater questions of redemption and forgiveness, religious fundamentalism and mystical experience will all be explored with numerous film clips in this fascinating seminar discussion series.

Host: Tench Phillips, Naro Cinema
Facilitators: Robert Krajenke is an author, minister, lecturer and workshop/seminar leader. He is the author of the three volume study, Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Old Testament, Spiritual Power Points, and Spiritual Power, Healing Hands. He has presented programs throughout the United States, Europe, Egypt and Israel for A.R.E. and The Fellowship of the Inner Light.
Dr. Pamela Bro, a former pastor at Yale University, is a progressive feminist theologian, lecturer, seminar leader, and the minister and founder of Living Waters Church in Va Beach.

Dates: select Saturdays during the summer: June 3, 10, 24, at 7:15pm
Location: A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) 67th and Atlantic Ave
Registration: $10 a session. Call Naro office at 625-6275 for more info.

Film clips include these titles:
Enigma of the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Last Temptation of Christ
The Real DaVinci Code
Soul on Fire: Rumi
The Big Question
Walking the Bible
From Jesus to the Christ: The First Christians
Women and Spirituality: The Burning Times

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