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Naro Cinema Presents

October 13-26
VIVA PEDRO Film Festival
New Prints Of Eight Almodovar Film Classics

ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER A Greek saying states that only women who have washed their eyes with tears can see clearly. The saying does not hold true for Manuela (Cecilia Roth). The night a car ran over her son Esteban, Manuela cried until she was completely dry. And far from seeing clearly, the present and the future become mixed up in the same darkness. In memory of her son, Manuela leaves Madrid and goes to Barcelona in search of the father her son never knew. Academy Award Winner for Best Foreign Language Film. Directed by Pedro Almodovar (Talk to Her, Live Flesh). (Fully subtitled) (1999, R, 99 mins)

BAD EDUCATION Enrique (Fele Martínez), a young and successful film director, meets a mysterious actor (Gael García Bernal, The Motorcycle Diaries) who claims to be his old school friend Ignacio. The two collaborate on Ignacio's screenplay, which deals with their romantic relationship in a Spanish religious school during the early 1960s, where the boys discovered love, movies and fear. Enrique soon suspects not everyone is as they seem, but plays along with the masquerade to discover the truth about his old friend. Directed by Pedro Almodóvar (Talk to Her, All About My Mother). (Fully subtitled) (2004, NC17, 109 mins)

THE FLOWER OF MY SECRET Leo (Marisa Parades) is a bestselling author of romantic fiction, but has been writing under a pseudonym for years. Tired of producing popular fiction when her heart yearns to write truly great literature, her very success has become a burden to her; unable to accept that her marriage to Paco (Imanol Arias) is rapidly disintegrating, Leo finds herself at a crossroads in her life. One ray of hope comes from Angel (Juan Echanove), a newspaper editor who offers her a job as a critic for a national arts supplement. Leo's first assignment brings her face to face with her alter-ego, causing an examination of her true identity, her deepest motivations and, most importantly, the direction of her life after Paco. (Fully subtitled) (1995, R, 100 mins)

LAW OF DESIRE Antonio (Antonio Banderas) is a contradictory young man from southern Andalusia who has his first gay experience with Pablo (Eusebio Poncela), an older movie director who lives with a transsexual sibling (Carmen Maura). What starts as a fling, however, turns deadly when Antonio becomes a possessive and threatening lover who ultimate plots to kill the director's estranged boyfriend Juan (Miguel Molina). An erotic story of sexual intrigue and danger, co-starring Bibí Andersen. Written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar. (Fully subtitled) (1987, NC17, 97 mins)

LIVE FLESH Pizza delivery man Victor (Liberto Rabal) is having an argument with Elena (Francesca Neri), whom he met a few days before, but she was high at the time and doesn't want to speak to him. Reacting to the noise, two cops, young David (Javier Bardem) and older Sancho (José Sancho), arrive at the scene and a gun accidentally goes off. The single bullet fired during this bungled police intervention causes a ricochet effect in the lives of everyone over a period of four years in this passionate, hothouse of a melodrama set in Madrid. Co-starring Penélope Cruz. From a novel by Ruth Rendell. Directed and co-written by Pedro Almodovar. (Fully subtitled) 1997, R, 110 mins)

MATADOR Diego (Nacho Martínez), a retired bullfighter who has been permanently sidelined after being gored, and Maria (Assumpta Serna), a lethal lady lawyer who enjoys murdering her sexual conquests, are destined for each other in this outrageously wicked, darkly sensuous melodrama of obsessive love. Co-starring Antonio Banderas and Bibi Andersen. Directed and co-written by Pedro Almodóvar (Bad Education, Live Flesh, Law of Desire). (Fully subtitled) (1986, NC17, 110 mins)

TALK TO HER Pedro Almodóvar returns with the follow-up to his Oscar-winning hit All About My Mother. With a hospital waiting room as its nexus, an intricate drama-part soap opera, part morality tale-unfolds. Javier Cámara is a lonely male nurse infatuated with a beautiful, comatose ballerina (Leonor Watling). He befriends a writer (Darío Grandinetti) who unrequitedly loves an injured female bullfighter (Rosario Flores), also in a coma. Weaving lucid melodrama and dark wit, fetishes and philosophies, Almodóvar presents a careful exploration of human emotions and actions, romance and remorse. Academy Award Winner for Best Original Screenplay. (Fully subtitled) (2002, R, 107 mins)

WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN Pepa (Carmen Maura), a voiceover actress recently jilted by her elusive ex-lover Ivan (Fernando Guillén), combs Madrid to confront him in this delirious farce of drugged gazpacho, stolen police guns, spurned lovers and Shiite terrorists. Antonio Banderas and Rossy de Palma co-star. Written and directed by Pedro Almodovar (Volver, Bad Education, All About My Mother). (Fully subtitled) (1988, R, 95 mins)

Film Festival schedule:

Fri & Sat, Oct 13 & 14 at 5:15

Sun & Mon, Oct 15 & 16 at 4:15

Tues & Wed, Oct 17 & 18 at 5:10

Thur, Oct 19 at 5:10

Fri & Sat, Oct 20 & 21 11:00pm

Sun, Oct 22 at 9:00

Wed, Oct 25 at 9:00

Thur, Oct 26 at 9:00

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