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Wednesday, Oct 15 at 7:30
Area Theatrical Premiere!

SOUL MASTERS: Dr. Sha Speaks Live at NARO Cinema!

SOUL MASTERS: Dr. Guo and Dr. Sha Filmmaker Sande Zeig follows Dr. Zhi Gang Sha's return to China to visit his mentor, Dr. Zhi Chen Guo, who, it is said, can cure the incurable. At Dr. Guo's clinic, she captures first-ever footage of breakthrough medical practices involving herbal medicine, fire massage, and self-healing techniques. When Dr. Sha returns to the States, he teaches people the revolutionary discovery that binds these two Soul Masters: everything has a soul, and the soul can heal. (83 mins)

Dr. Sha is a healer, spiritual teacher, and the best-selling author of "Soul Wisdom: Practical Treasures to Transform Your Life". After the film he will speak and lead discussion and demonstrate his healing practices.

Special Presentation: All Seats $10 (Ticket Books are NOT valid)

For more info call Naro at 625-6275

What some of the Experts are Saying:

"This inspiring documentary has masterfully captured the vital healing work and global mission of Dr. Guo and Dr. Sha. Watching Soul Masters is a healing experience in itself."
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

"All cultures have produced authentic healers from time to time. Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is such a healer, a man of deep wisdom and compassion, and a gift to the human race."
Dr. Larry Dossey

"Practical, useful information and techniques for putting the body's natural abilities to work on healing. He's a wonderful contribution."
Dr. Wayne Dyer

"Power Healing is about taking control of your health. Dr. Sha offers a clear, practical path to learning the secrets of self-healing."
Marianne Williamson

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