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The End of Empire and The Emergence of New Sustainable Paradigms

The End of Empire and The Emergence of New Sustainable Paradigms
A Two Part Film Series

With Peter Mark Shaw, MBA

Fri, Nov 14 at 7:15pm at the Studio for the Healing Arts

I.O.U.S.A. This prophetic film has predicted the current financial global meltdown. Patrick Creadon, director of the acclaimed documentary Wordplay, takes a look at the U.S. government's economic problems which have caused the debt to grow to nearly $9.5 trillion by following U.S. Comptroller General Dave Walker and the Concord Coalition's Bob Bixby around the country on their "Fiscal Wake Up Tour." The macro economic worldview presented in the film illuminates the underlying causes of our ongoing financial crises. (85 mins)

Fri, Nov 21 at 7:15pm at Studio for the Healing Arts

Zeitgeist: Addendum The original Zeitgeist was a phenomenal underground success and challenged customary assumptions about democracy and religion. This all-new feature length sequel explores the corruption of our globalized monetary system, and considers how we might effect a transition from a society of scarcity and profiteering, to one of sustainability and abundance.

The film opens with a concise analysis of the monetary system, explaining how money is debt, and how debt is used as a subtle tool by an unelected "corporatocracy" to enslave the populace within the system. The film concludes by taking us on an inspirational tour of a truly egalitarian planetary civilization that might yet come into being. (123 mins)

Dates: Fri, Nov 14 at 7:15pm and Fri, Nov 21 at 7:15pm
Location: Studio for the Healing Arts, 1611 Colley Ave (2nd floor) one block north of Naro Cinema
Admission: $5 for each film
Host: Tench Phillips, Naro Cinema
Facilitator: Peter Mark Shaw, MBA, Business and International Economics at TCC

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