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Green Screen Ecological Film Showcase
Fall 2009

10 Film Premieres at NARO Cinema
with Speakers, Discussion, and Live Music!

Wednesday, Sept 16 at 7:30pm and following weekend matinees

THE COVE Former dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry ("Flipper") came to realize that these deeply sensitive, highly intelligent and self-aware creatures must never be subjected to human captivity again. His mission brings him to Taiji, Japan where fishermen dolphin entertainment industry and a clandestine market for mercury-tainted dolphin meat, engage in an unseen hunt. The nature of what they do is so chilling -- and the high mercury content is so dangerous to human health that they will go to great lengths to halt anyone from seeing it. So O'Barry joins forces with filmmaker Louis Psihoyos and the Oceanic Preservation Society to get to the truth of what's really going on in the cove and why it matters to everyone in the world. (PG13, 96 mins)

Wed, Sept 16 - PETA spokesperson Pulin Modi will speak after the film.

Friday thru Sunday, Sept 25 - 27

UNMISTAKEN CHILD The Buddhist concept of reincarnation, while both mysterious and enchanting, is hard for most westerners to grasp. Unmistaken Child follows the 4-year search for the reincarnation of Lama Konchog, a world-renowned Tibetan master who passed away in 2001 at age 84. The Dalai Lama charges the deceased monk's devoted disciple, Tenzin Zopa (who had been in his service since the age of seven), to search for his master's reincarnation. Tenzin sets off on this unforgettable quest on foot, mule, and even helicopter, through breathtaking landscapes and remote traditional Tibetan villages. Along the way Tenzin listens to stories about young children with special characteristics, and performs rarely seen ritualistic tests designed to determine the likelihood of reincarnation. He eventually presents the child he believes to be his reincarnated master to the Dalai Lama so that he can make the final decision. Stunningly shot, director Nati Baratz's documentary is beguiling, surprising, touching, even humorous. Partially subtitled. (102 mins)

Thursday, Oct 1 at 7:15pm

Live Concert and Film
Benefit for Five Points Community Farm Market in Norfolk

FRESH Where as Food Inc gave the dire diagnosis of what industrial agriculture has wrought, Fresh celebrates the visionaries and farmers who are re-inventing our food system. Featured in the film are Virginia farmer Joel Salatin, urban farmer Will Allen, and author Michael Pollan. (70 mins)

Virginia based folk rock group Mercy Creek will perform a live set of their "edgy, earthy music".

All seats -- $8

Saturday - Monday, Oct 10 - 12

ENLIGHTEN UP! Filmmaker Kate Churchill is determined to prove that yoga can transform anyone. Nick Rosen agrees to her experiment and travels and studies with some of the world's greatest yoga teachers. What unfolds is not what they expected. (82 mins)

Wednesday, Oct 14 at 7:00pm

Live Concert and Film
Presented by Virginia Sierra Club

COAL COUNTRY A war is being waged in central Appalachia and it's destroying communities and desecrating nature in the name of corporate profits and dirty coal used to fuel coal-fire electrical generating plants like the proposed Virginia plants in Wise County and in neighboring Surry County. A new film by Mari-Lynn Evans and Phylis Geller.

All seats -- $8

Monday, Oct 19

RESCUE PARTY TOUR Join filmmaker Tom McPhee as he hosts the Rescue Party Tour, featuring the multi-award winning documentary An American Opera: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever!, a visceral, operatic vision of what happened to the pet owners of New Orleans who were forced to evacuate after Hurricane Katrina without their beloved pets, and the volunteers who came from all over the world to help. America suffered its worst domestic animal crisis in history when tens of thousands of animals were left to perish in neighborhoods all across the gulf. This heartfelt story follows the pets, vets, owners, officials, rescuers, and adopters of animals as they work through the chaos to do what is right, only to discover not everyone is working toward the same goal.

Note: Tickets can be purchased at

General admission tickets are $10 in advanced, $15 at the door. A $25 VIP ticket features an autographed poster, a meet and greet with filmmaker Tom McPhee, and $10 of every VIP ticket will go back to local animal rescue groups.

Saturday, Oct 24 matinee showing and arts and crafts trunk show

HANDMADE NATION Filmmaker Faythe Levine explores a burgeoning art community that is based on traditional handiwork, modern aesthetics, politics, and feminism. She travels around the country to 15 cities and interviews over 80 visionary artists. She has authored a companion book of the same name. (65 mins)

Seven Cities Crafters, a local artist cooperative, will be presenting a Handmade Trunk Show before and after the film.

Wednesday, Oct 28 at 7:30pm

NO IMPACT MAN Author and journalist Colin Beavan decides to eliminate his personal impact on the environment for the next year. It means eating vegetarian, buying only local food, only self-propelled transportation, and no electricity. But he and his family live in Manhattan and when his espresso-guzzling, retail-worshipping wife Michelle and their young daughter are dragged into the fray, the No Impact Project has an unforeseen impact of its own. (90 mins)

Wednesday, Nov 4 at 7:30pm

END OF THE LINE British author Charles Clover questions the very survival of our ocean life into into the mid-century if governments aren't able to regulate the practices of invisible large-scale industrial fishing. Many species like bluefin tuna have been driven to near extinction by overfishing. Filmed across the world - from the Straits of Gibraltar to the coasts of Senegal and Alaska to the Tokyo fish market - this profound and beautiful film is a wake-up call for industrial society. (80 mins)

Thursday, Nov 5 at 7:30pm

A Live Concert and Film

BELA FLECK: THROW DOWN YOUR HEART Legendary banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck journeys to Africa to explore the roots of the American banjo. As he travels across Africa, he transcends language and cultural barriers, finding common ground in the music. (97 mins)

A live concert and historical commentary with acclaimed banjo players Bob Zentz with Sparky and Rhonda Rucker.

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