American Dharma

Wednesday, December 18th, at 7:15pm

After documenting some of the most controversial figures of our time, including Donald Rumsfeld and Robert McNamara, filmmaker Errol Morris trains his lens on Stephen Bannon. In their wide ranging conversation spanning over 16 hours, Morris questions Bannon on his background, belief system, his worldview, and his current feelings on President Trump. Bannon’s responses are both revealing and alarming. In order to understand the rise of Trump and counter the strategies of the Republican Party, one must understand the mind of Bannon. (97 mins)

“Morris does not lead you by the hand. If the subject is lying, or delusional, as he often seems to be, Morris presumes the viewer will notice.” – John Anderson, American Magazine

“‘American Dharma’ is a vivisection, and [Errol] Morris gives Bannon the tools to do it himself.” – Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle