American Fiction

Two Oscar Nominations: Best Picture and Best Actor!

This is Cord Jefferson‘s hilarious directorial debut, which confronts our culture’s obsession with reducing people to outrageous stereotypes. Jeffrey Wright stars as Monk, a frustrated novelist who’s fed up with the establishment profiting from “Black” entertainment that relies on tired and offensive tropes. To prove his point, Monk uses a pen name to write an outlandish “Black” book of his own, a book that propels him to the heart of hypocrisy and the madness he claims to disdain. (R, 1h 57m)

“This brilliant film not only destroys the single Black narrative, it obliterates it — and puts pressure on every single film dealing with race that will come after.” – D Watkins,

“Cord Jefferson’s slashingly funny satire of Black literary stereotyping is one of the best and boldest American comedies in years with a dynamite performance by an Oscar-ready Jeffrey Wright. You won’t look at race on screen in the same way again.” – Peter Travers, ABC News