At Eternity’s Gate

Despite skepticism, ridicule and illness, Vincent van Gogh created some of the world’s most beloved and stunning works of art. Filmmaker Julian Schnabel, also a renowned artist, takes his audience on a journey inside the world and mind of van Gogh, played by Willem Dafoe. As expected, the resulting film is not a standard biopic, but rather an elegiac work of art in itself, depicting scenes based on van Gogh’s letters, common agreement and events in his life. (PG-13, 110 mins)

“By adamantly focusing above all else on van Gogh’s work — and its transporting ecstasies — Schnabel has made not just an exquisite film but an argument for art.” – Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

“Schnabel fuses form and content in a way that’s rarely attempted and even more rarely achieved; in risking the same derision with which Van Gogh was sometimes met, he transcends the limitations of the conventional biopic and creates something that feels genuinely new.” – Michael Nordine, IndieWire