Babette’s Feast

Tuesday, November 26th, at 7:15pm

Academy Award Winner for Best Foreign-Language Film. The beautiful but pious sisters Martine and Philippa grow to spinsterhood under the wrathful eye of their strict pastor father on the forbidding and desolate coast of Jutland, until one day, Philippa’s former suitor sends a Parisian refugee named Babette to serve as the family cook. Babette’s lavish celebratory banquet tempts the family’s dwindling congregation, who abjure such fleshly pleasures as fine foods and wines. A perennial Naro favorite. (1987, G, 103 mins)

“Babette’s offering is a ritual sacrifice, intended to encourage the austere characters with the possibility that their material nourishment may provide spiritual sustenance as well.” – Dan Jardine, Cinemania