Big Music at the Movies

Saturday, February 8th, at 10:00am

ONE PRESENTATION ONLY! Got your Oscar picks yet? How about Best Score? Chris Palestrant, award-winning professor of Music Composition, can help you there. Discover the movies’ greatest secret. Did you know that when George Lucas was directing Star Wars in 1977, he needed something new for his theme music? John Williams gave it to him: a style taken from…an opera written in 1869! His trick resulted in one of the most popular- and important film scores ever written. Come discover connections Chris has discovered between film music and Romantic-era music and the effect it has on YOU when you go to the movies. Experience the second revolution in film scoring and take a special look at this year’s Oscar contenders. It will change the way you watch movies for ever!

Tickets: $17.50, available at the door (check/cash), Advance tickets (credit card) available online.