Born Yesterday

Monday, August 22nd at 7pm and Tuesday, August 23rd matinee at 2:30.
Hosted by Jim Newsom (Monday screening only)

Brassy blonde moll Billie Dawn hits Washington, D.C., with her unscrupulous millionaire sugar daddy, Harry Brock, and his sleazy lawyer, Jim Devery, who has been pressuring Harry to marry Billie by pointing out that a wife cannot be forced to testify against her husband. In an effort to make Billie more socially acceptable, Harry hires journalist Paul Verrall to smarten her up — and sparks soon fly between the pair. Starring Judy Holliday, William Holden, & Broderick Crawford. (1950, 103 minutes)

Jim Newsom is a long-time journalist, songwriter, and performing musician. He has frequently  been heard on local public radio and television working as an on-air host for many pledge drives over the years.