After landing at JFK International Airport, a young woman takes a cab back to her apartment in Manhattan. During the ride, she and the cab driver, Clark, have unexpectedly honest conversations about numerous topics, including their past and present relationships, sex and power dynamics, loss, and vulnerability. Written and directed by Christy Hall in feature directorial debut, it stars Dakota Johnson and Sean Penn.  (1h 41m)

“Both stars excel in their roles, and Ms. Hall’s astute script builds one unexpected yet plausible revelation atop another as the two develop a surprisingly intimate bond.” – Kyle Smith, Wall Street Journal

“Sean Penn is at his absolute best here in a tremendously engaging performance as a salty working-class guy with an endless supply of opinions and ways of drawing out his passengers, while Dakota Johnson more than holds her own.” – Todd McCarthy, Deadline Hollywood Daily

“Every aspect of “Daddio” is designed to spark conversation. But it’s sweeter and more satisfying than you might expect…” – Peter Debruge, Variety