Dark Waters

Wednesday, February 12th at 7:15pm
Presented with Sierra Club

Mark Ruffalo’s personal film project is a scathing expose of the ongoing corporate poisoning and lies in the decades-long production of teflon coating by Dupont. Teflon is just one chemical in the family of “forever chemicals” that never breakdown, called PFOAs. These carbon compounds bioaccumulate in our bodies and in the environment. The corporate-friendly EPA has yet to classify these chemicals as toxic pollutants under the Clean Water Act. Based on an ongoing lawsuit filed in West Virginia by plaintiffs poisoned by the chemicals, Ruffalo plays the tenacious corporate-friendly attorney who turns against the industry when he discovers corporate malfeasance. Directed by Todd Haynes (Carol, Far From Heaven). (PG-13, 126 mins)

Introduction by Ann Creasy, Hampton Roads Conservation Program Manager for the Virginia Chapter of Sierra Club.

“It’s a David and Goliath story with a central figure who knows what’s right and keeps chipping away, bit by bit, until he gets to the truth.” – Adam Graham, Detroit News

“Haynes carefully navigates the risky terrain of presenting real people (who are still among us) and facts in a scripted feature film, artfully blurring the lines between documentary and drama.” – Bradley Gibson, Film Threat

“The brilliance of ‘Dark Waters’ is that it is able to lay out the case against DuPont without getting too wonky.” – Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

Attorney Robert Bilott on his 20 year battle against DuPont: interviewed on Democracy Now!