Fahrenheit 11/9

Wed, Oct 24 at 7:15pm – ‘New Non-Fiction Film’

Michael Moore declares Trump to be “the last president of the United States” and then goes on to defend his position. Reversing the title of his top-grossing 2004 documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, Moore compiles evidence since Trump’s election to suggest a disaster comparable to the Sept. 11 attacks. For his new film, Moore borrows much material from his recent one-man Broadway show. The film is more than just a polemic against Trump. Moore spares no one – especially self-satisfied, apathetic liberals. And he skewers Obama, the Clintons, and the Democrats for their failures and complicity. (R, 128 mins)

“Moore’s film is a proudly subjective patchwork that scampers in many directions, but it’s also by far his most vital, cautionary, and urgent work; it’s unmissable.” – Jeffrey Anderson, Common Sense Media