Final Portrait

The author James Lord was a chronicler and critic of 20th century art. The renowned sculptor and artist Alberto Giacometti asked James Lord in 1964 while in Paris to sit for his portrait. The experience inspired a memoir by Lord entitled ‘A Giacometti Portrait’. Actor and director Stanley Tucci (Big Night, Joe Gould’s Secret) has adapted that memoir for the screen and infused the production with his own bold brush strokes. Geoffrey Rush portrays the disheveled, self-doubting artist with an effortless charisma, while Armie Hammer plays his perfect foil as the self-composed and mannered Lord. Over the course of the weeks-long portrait sitting, the two men forged a kinship through their mutual love for art. (90 mins)

“With its de-saturated grays and layered textures, Final Portrait itself is like a still portrait of Giacometti. You, as the viewer, are lucky just to get to spend time with these men during twenty or so days in their lives, privileged to be allowed inside Giacometti’s studio, watching the painting come together.” – Dana Schwartz, Entertainment Weekly

“Rush is a wonder. It takes bravery to convey closure, tunnel vision, total indifference to the camera that actors always know is there, however self-effacing they might want to be appear. Final Portrait is, like Rush’s performance, a miniature, but there’s a fullness to Tucci’s vision transcending every surface.” – David Edelstein, New York Magazine