FirstLook Film Forum/Off Season

Screenings dates for the Off-Season will not be scheduled in advance but decided on a week by week basis. Selected Sundays will be announced the week prior to each Film Forum playdate. Season passes will not be available for the Off-Season.

9:30am – Coffee, conversation, and film introduction

The aroma of piping-hot, fresh-brewed coffee welcomes you to the Naro. All other concession items will also be available for purchase. Brunch will not be included during the Off–Season film events.

10:00am – Screening

Find your favorite seat to settle into and join our Film Forum hosts: William Laderberg, Michael Khandelwal, Greg Raver-Lampman, Barbara Gardner, Rick Hite, and Fred Levy.

Immediately following the screening

Rate the film and share your own opinion with our guest hosts.

Film Forum Off-Season admission – $10 purchased at the door for each film. No advance season membership pass is available for the Off–Season. Discount ticket books are valid for Off–Season.

Click here to find out the title of the 6/9 Film Forum.