Leaning Into the Wind

Presented with Chrysler Museum

Sixteen years after the release of Rivers and Tides, the first documentary about renowned landscape artist ad sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, filmmaker Thomas Riedelsheimer has returned to collaborate once again with the artist. From urban Edinburgh and London to the South of France and New England, each environment Goldsworthy encounters becomes a canvas for his natural art. (93 mins)

Because time erases or alters Mr. Goldsworthy’s sculptures, movies are the ideal medium to capture them…. The surprise of Leaning Into the Wind is that it’s just as concerned with how time has changed Mr. Goldsworthy.” – Ben Koenigsberg, The New York Times

Gorgeously photographed, and with a minimalist score by Fred Frith, Leaning Into the Wind offers viewers a welcome chance to consider the work of an artist who defies the recent commodification cult to embrace the ephemeral and the nominally worthless.” – Ann Hornaday, Washington Post