Mal Vincent hosts On The Town

Monday, August 23rd, at 7:00pm

Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly are among three sailors who have a one-day shore leave in New York City and turn it into one of MGM’s most delightful musicals. Based on Jerome Robbins’ ballet “Fancy Free’’ most of the Leonard Bernstein score was cut in favor of crustier movie music, but it still has that memorable opening, “New York, New York.” The city is hailed as a “wonderful” town, not a ‘helluva” town (the censors cut it). It made history as the first Hollywood musical to be shot on location rather than on a movie set. Gene Kelly fought to have it partially shot in the real New York City. The girls, all hoofers supreme, are played by Ann Miller, Vera-Ellen and Betty Garrett. Sinatra had not yet met Ava Gardner but was still a star. Kelly taught him the dance routine. (1949, 98 mins)

This is also the night when the audience votes on its choices for the top performances of the festival. So be prepared and don’t forget, too, the earlier films shown.