Mal Vincent hosts Singin’ In The Rain

Monday, July 12th, at 7:00pm

The perfect movie to bring us out of the doldrums back to the movies, and life at its best. As the song goes: “What a glorious feeling. I’m happy again!” Gene Kelly performs the most famous “splash routine” in movie history as he sings, and dances, in the rain. Some critics call it the best movie musical ever made: others just enjoy it. With the action set in 1927 amid Hollywood’s adjustment to the talkies, its songs include “You Were Meant for Me,’ “Fit as a Fiddle,” “You Are my Lucky Star” and more, including Kelly dancing with Cyd Charisse in the stunning Broadway Ballet (“Gotta Dance”). Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor co-star, with the “Make Em Laugh” number a highlight. And look for Jean Hagen’s Oscar-nominated performance as Lina Lamont, a fictional movie star who can’t talk normally. In spite of that, she assures us, “It ain’t been all in vain for nuthin’.” She is right, of course. (1952, 103 mins)