Nosferatu with Live On-Stage Musical Score

Sunday, October 9th at 8pm!
100th Anniversary Showing!

Nosferatu is one of the most revered films in the history of cinema (considered by many to be one of the greatest horror movies of all time) and The Invincible Czars are bringing their updated soundtrack back for the centennial in 2022! Nosferatu is most certainly the most important horror film of the silent era and one of the first vampire movies — though it was almost completely lost when Bram Stoker’s widow sued the filmmakers for copyright infringement and most of the prints of the movie were destroyed. Using a mix of acoustic and electric instruments helped. Violin, glockenspiel, organ, flute, bass clarinet, voices and vocals, music box, loops, electric guitar, bass, piano and percussion all play prominent roles in the score and are a sight to behold when performed live by only four or five players! The Invincible Czars encourage fans and attendees to dress for the Halloween season at these shows – even when it’s not close to Halloween. (1922, 94 min.) Naro ticket books are not valid for this event.

“Bizarre, haunting scores”– Kerrang!

“(The Invincible Czars’ soundtrack for Nosferatu is) a brilliantly realized wedding of contemporary musical sensibility and technology with early 20th century cinema.” – Chico News Review