Seven Days in May

July 16 & 17

Directed by John Frankenheimer and written by Rod Serling, this is a political thriller that keeps things tense all the way. It is about nothing less than the attempted overthrow of the United States government. The all-star cast includes Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Ava Gardner, Fredric March, and Edmond O’Brien in an Oscar-nominated performance as a Southern senator. A U.S. president, beset by endless press and polls, faces a possible overthrow by the military, led by Lancaster. It’s a fascinating “What if?” drama that is uncomfortably close to the unrest in today’s capital. Mal talks, particularly, about meeting Burt Lancaster, who always had a reputation for being difficult with the press, but in this instance proved, to the contrary, to be one of the friendliest. The reason? Ava! You’ll learn why Gardner was lured to make the trip from Spain for her small role. Could this kind of political drama actually happen? You may be convinced that it can indeed. (1964, 118 mins)