The China Hustle

From filmmakers Jed Rothstein and Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room) comes a new Wall Street heist story about a still-unfolding financial crime so big that it will soon reverberate through the economy. Nine years after the 2008 meltdown caused by shell games based on bankrupt mortgages, the stock market has made recent all-time highs. But once again there are warning signs pointing to international corruption on Wall Street. So a ragtag band of short sellers who are sick of all the lies and fraud, begin their own investigation into criminality on Wall Street and the Chinese stock market. (82 mins)

Post-film speakers and discussion: Peter Shaw teaches international economics at TCC.
Shaomin Li is Professor of International Business at ODU.

“Jed Rothstein’s wildly entertaining documentary ‘The China Hustle’ blows the lid off another multibillion-dollar heist built on complex financial instruments and a whole lot of smoke and mirrors.” – Scott Tobias, Variety