The Girl With A Bracelet

Streaming June 19th – July 2nd

Lise (Mélissa Guers) is 18 years old and lives with her parents in an upper-middle class home in Nantes. She’s just passed her baccalaureate, but for the last 2 years she’s worn a tracking bracelet and is a virtual prisoner in her house – she’s been accused of murdering her best friend. This engrossing courtroom drama, a crisply shot and precisely acted adaptation by director Stéphane Demoustier from an actual front-page case, is a probing psychological profile laced with ambiguity. Did she or didn’t she? In French with subtitles. (95 mins)

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“In a way, Demoustier’s film is an inverse coming-of-age film, interested in how a teenage girl develops when the most important years of development are stunted. The final images are telling and tragic.” – Film Inquiry

“What Demoustier has done here, and done quite successfully, is taken a basic mystery plot, like something out of a TV movie, and used it to ponder how each one of us could react to a ghastly crime, and how we expect others to react in turn.” – Hollywood Reporter

“Retains many of the merits of its source, similarly building an old-fashioned did-she-or-didn’t-she mystery… into a more probing, ambiguity-laced psychological profile.” – Variety