The Goonies

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Co-written by Steven Spielberg and Christopher Columbus, this old-fashioned yarn tells the tale of a band of adventurous kids who take on the might of a property developing company which plans to destroy their home to build a country club. When the children discover an old pirate map in the attic, they follow it into an underground cavern in search of lost treasure but come up against plenty of dangerous obstacles along the way. Look for the early casting of teenage Josh Brolin. (1985, PG, 1H, 51m)

“The Goonies is as hip, sassy, and innocent as its seven teenage heroes.” – Richard Corliss, Time Magazine

“The Goonies has every imaginable funhouse flourish. It has crooks, bats, cobwebs, skeletons, a lovable monster, an underground grotto and a treasure hidden by some of the most considerate, clue-loving pirates who ever lived.” – Janet Maslin, NY Times