The Lost King

In this inspiring true story, amateur historian Philippa Langley believes she has made the archeological find of the century: the lost burial site of King Richard III. She takes on Britain’s most eminent historians, forcing them to rethink the legacy of one of the most controversial rulers in English history. Starring Sally Hawkins, Steve Coogan, and Harry Lloyd. Directed by Stephen Frears. (PG-13, 1h 49m)

“A modest but thoroughly captivating tale that has the look and feel of so many good British films of 25 or 30 years ago, a quality that can no doubt be significantly attributed to that reliable all-rounder Stephen Frears at the helm.” – Todd McCarthy, Deadline Hollywood Daily

“Its pleasures and compensations lie not in plotty complications or some third-act twist, but in the humanity that suffuses an enterprise that is borne of obsession but achieves a form of transcendence.” – Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

“…a thoroughly entertaining and enlightening film for grownups, and well worth seeing “ – Leonard Maltin,