Us Kids

Sparked by the plague of gun violence ravaging their schools, Us Kids chronicles the March For Our Lives movement over several years. The documentary follows gun violence survivors and teenage activists as they pull together the largest youth protest in American history. Their movement went global with rallies on six continents and in over 700 cities in every state across the nation, expanding to address racial injustice, a growing public health crisis, and shocking a political system into change. This movement was instrumental in the record youth voter turnout in the 2018 and 2020 elections. (99 mins)

“Us Kids skillfully handles a sensitive subject and prudently connects the Parkland students’ stories to those of Black students whose experiences with gun violence rarely garner similar national attention.” – Lovia Gyarkye, New York Times

“Us Kids is indispensable viewing for anyone who genuinely cares about the future of this country beyond the usual “thoughts and prayers.” – Carlos Aguilar, Los Angeles Times

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