Virginia Festival of Jewish Film: Cast a Giant Shadow

Monday, January 28th, at 7:15pm

Mal Vincent will introduce his choice for the annual Jewish Film Festival screening at the Naro. In 1947, following the U.N. decision to split British Palestine into separate Jewish and Palestinian states, a former U.S. Army officer is recruited by the Jews to reorganize the Haganah. Featuring Kirk Douglas, Angie Dickinson, Frank Sinatra, and John Wayne. (1966, 146 mins)

As one of the longest-running Jewish film festivals in the country, the mission of the Virginia Festival of Jewish Film, presented by Alma & Howard Laderberg and Patricia & Avraham Ashkenazi, is to educate and engage diverse Tidewater communities, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, by presenting world-class film premieres, repertory cinema, and associated programs that are inspired by Jewish history, heritage, and values.

Our vision is to create shared experiences and connections through film and cultural programs inspired by Jewish legacy and values.