Where We Disappear

Sunday, November 24th, at 8:15pm

After committing a crime to protect her son, Anastasia (Georgina Haig) is sentenced to 12 years in a Soviet prison camp. Her arrival upsets the balance between the inmates. There’s the hot-tempered bully, the cowering “mouse,” the hardened elder, the pretty one who prostitutes herself to the guards. Each personality is wrapped in a fragile codependency to stay alive. In a night of backstabbing and shifting alliances, Anastasia must discover the hidden truth to her survival. (74 mins)

Director and Norfolk native Simon Fink will be in attendance to introduce the film. To be followed by a brief Q&A.

Not suitable for children. Naro Ticket Books are NOT valid.

“A beautiful and deliberate exploration of human resilience.” – Bradley Gibson, Film Threat

“Fascinates and prompts discussion and interpretation … were these women real or are they all parts of Anastasia created within her mind as a survival mechanism? Did she imagine these other women? This stays with you long after the curtain falls.” – Debbie Elias, Behind the Lens Online